YF-23 top view

YF-23 is a jet fighter that appears only in Strikers 1945 III. They first appeared in the USA random stage then reappeared again in Stage 5 which are both enemies that the player encountered.


In the 1980s, the USAF began looking for a replacement for its fighter aircraft, especially to counter the USSR's advanced Sukhoi Su-27 and Mikoyan MiG-29. Several companies submitted design proposals; the USAF selected proposals from Northrop and Lockheed. Northrop teamed with McDonnell Douglas to develop the YF-23, while Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics developed the YF-22.


  • The YF-23 are similar to the same playable aircraft in Sonic Wings 2 and special .
  • The YF-23 also appeared in samurai aces as the wolf's fighter.

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