XP-55 Ascender is one of the aircraft that appears in Strikers 1945 video games. It first appeared as one of the enemy planes in the level where the flying boat boss is encountered then later became playable in Strikers 1945 Plus which appears as a hidden aircraft.


The Curtiss XP-55 Ascender* is an American experimental fighter plane. This plane never got past the experimental phase; planes already in service outperformed the Ascender. Consequently, the Ascender never saw service. The name "Ascender" was meant as a joke by one of the Curtiss engineers. Only three were built, but one is survived which is currently displayed at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan while the remaining two are crashed.


  • To select the P-55 Ascender do the following on the plane select screen: highlight the "?" Random Selector and perform this joystick sequence: UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN-UP-UP-UP-UP-DOWN.
  • The XP-55 Ascender does not appear in the game's poster.
  • The Ascender color scheme in the game is brown which is based on the one that was crashed.
    • However, the crash was happened in November 15, 1943 before the game is released.
  • In the ending, the plane crashed into the White House then the president of the United States blamed the pilot. This was referenced to the Nov 15, 1943 plane crash incident.
  • The Ascender also playable in the Mobile game iFighter 1945 which is similar to Strikers series.


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