Top x36

X-36 top view

The X-36 is a hidden fighter in Strikers 1945 III that can be unlocked by a certain dipswitch as a code 1999. Similar to the Flying Pancake, it has the same Homing lasers as the sub weapon. It has moderate speed, powerful damage, and the bomb it uses transforms it into a robot that throws a blue sphere bomb that can be controlled while throwing it. The Supershot has it shoot a ray beam straight at its opponent.

Super shot Levels
Level One:Straight Beam
Level Two:Powered Straight Beam
Level Three:3 Way Beam


  • In the Android version, X-36 can be unlocked by performing 12 upgrades.
  • By Activating Spiral Laser and Mega Smasher.
  • The X-36 is the second hidden aircraft in Strikers games. The first being was the XP-55 Ascender in Strikers 1945 Plus.

The X-36 using its bomb

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