Thanatos train car 1

Thanatos' first form (rear car)

Thanatos train car 2

Thanatos' first form (middle car)

Thanatos train car 3

Thanatos' first form (front car)

Thanatos mantis

Thanatos' true form

The Suppression Monorail Fortress Thanatos is the downtown Sydney boss in Strikers 1945 III.

In Battle Edit

Thanatos appears as a train form with three cars. Each car has turrets that can move to the left and right to battle the player, save for bullet throwers on the front car. When you defeat this form by destroying the front car, he will transform into a praying mantis. Watch out for the bullets and then he reveals the blue orb. When the blue orb disappears, he continues to battle with the player. He then fires bullets from the his mouth and then more bullets will appear. First, you will try to avoid the bullets when damaging Thanatos. When you defeated Thanatos, he explodes and you earn money or rubies.

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