Strikers 1945 World War is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up released in 2017 by X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT that is exclusively for the android version.

Description in Google PlayEdit

The one and only original shooting game!! The heroes of the arcade shooters have returned!! The beloved arcade shooters of the past have come back in style to rekindle your senses!

ⓒ2017. X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rights reserved.

★ STRIKERS1945 - World War Grand open!!★

■ Game Description ■ The final battle for the world has begun! The original shooting game that will reign over all others! STRIKERS1945 - World War!! Dive into the battle right now with this newest incarnation of the past masterpieces!

■ Game Features ■

▶ A collaboration of the arcade classics such as the Strikers series, Gunbird and Tengai!! ◀ - The beloved game characters of the past are now back as Operators!! Select and power-up your favorite one! - Use the special powers of each Operator to immerse yourself in strategic battles! - Manufacture and dismantle aircraft to create your ultimate fighters!

▶ Countless types of missions and hundreds of stages! ◀ - Choose from normal and hard modes to suit your style! - Complete the missions for each stage!! Achieve perfect victory by earning three stars! - Utilize numerous partners and items to conquer difficult stages!

▶ A Shooting Fest of Global Proportions!! ◀ - 14 languages supported! Enjoy the game with players from all over the world! - Challenge players worldwide to conquer the global rankings!

▶ Thrilling Shooting Mayhem! Unique Battle Progression! ◀ - Enjoy longer battles with the new HP system! - Unleash multiple levels of skills to engage in spectacular thrill-packed battles!

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Screen slide: Move aircraft
Super Shot button tap: Fire Super Shot using the gauge on the top of the screen.
Bomb button tap: Summon air support to temporarily block enemy attacks.

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Strikers 1945 – World War requires the authority as it supports OS 4.0.3 and above.


The following is a list of characters appearing in Strikers 1945 World War, along with their Grade SS operator skills.

From Strikers 1945Edit

  • Cindy Volton (Gain extra 30% score)
  • Tina Prize (Super Shot Level 3 charge speed 50% increase)
  • Alice Herring
  • Lean Beirer (Main Shot ATK SPD Step 3)
  • Ai Mikami (Aircraft Max HP 70% increase)

From Gunbird 2Edit

  • Alucard* (Sub weapon ATK 200% increase)
  • Marion* (Enemy ATK SPD 25% decrease)
  • Valpiro* (Start with Super Shot at Level 2 50% charge)
  • Tavia* (Extra gold gain 100%)
  • Hei-cob* (Partner Max HP 100% increase)

From Sengoku Blade/TengaiEdit

  • Koyori/Miko (Super Shot ATK 50% increase)
  • Shoumaru/Sho (Coin Chain time increase Step 4)
  • Tengai (Aircraft Max HP 100% increase)
  • Junis (Main shot ATK 100% increase)
  • Hagane/Katana (Sub weapon +1)
  • Ayin* (Based on his Gunbird 2 appearance.)

(*) Also playable


All of the aircraft in this game are from Strikers 1945 II and Strikers 1945 III.                   


Each aircraft can be upgraded by paying gold coins. The upgrade steps, along with the required parts to upgrade, are as follows:

  1. Increase maximum HP by 10% (Engine Parts B x 3, L-shaped Frame x 5, Fuel Tank x 2)
  2. Increase partner's maximum HP by 20% (Engine Parts B x 5, Y-shaped Frame x 2, Fuel Tank x 3)
  3. Add a force field to block enemy attacks once (Radar Parts B x 2, Y-shaped Frame x 4, Precise Inductor x 3)
  4. Increase maximum HP by 10% (Radar Parts B x 5, Y-shaped Frame x 4, Precise Inductor x 3)
  5. Increase partner's attack speed by 1 step (Radar Parts A x 4, Golden Screw x 5, Fuel Tank x 4)
  6. Increase maximum HP by 10% (Engine Parts A x 5, L-shaped Frame x 5, Fuel Tank x 5)
  7. Start with main shot at Level 2 (Engine Parts A x 3, Y-shaped Frame x 6, Fuel Tank x 5)
  8. Increase partner's attack power by 20% (Radar Parts A x 5, Y-shaped Frame x 5, Precise Inductor x 5)
  9. Increase maximum HP by 20% (Engine Parts S x 7, Y-shaped Frame x 6, Precise Inductor x 4)
  10. Add one free bomb (Radar Parts S x 7, Golden Screw x 4, Precise Inductor x 3)


  • Aside from the aircraft, the only playable characters from other Psikyo games are all characters from Gunbird 2 including Ayin from Sengoku Blade which he appears as a guest character in the game while the rest of the Sengoku Blade cast act as operators.
  • The only aircraft that does not appear in this game are the playable aircraft from Strikers 1945 (except for the Lightning and Shinden); the P-51 Mustang (though it only made an appearance as the Lightning's support attack), Spitfire, Messerschmitt Bf-109, Zero Fighter (though it only made an appearance as enemy aircraft in some Strikers 1945 II levels); and the two exclusive aircraft from Strikers 1945 Plus which are the Fiat G.56 and the XP-55 Ascender (though it only made an appearance in the Strikers 1945 II Japan level as an enemy).
  • An F-16 Fighting Falcon appears as a menu icon in this game but it does not have an in-game appearance.