Strikers 1945 II grant player 6 planes in the game. The P-38 Lighting and the Shinden J7W return from the last games and introducing four new planes.

P-38 LightningEdit

Portrait P-38 Lightning


Main Weapon damage

Sub Weapon (Homing Missile) damage  Moderate (Homing effect)
Supershot (Explosive bombs) damage

Lv1 = Low (AOE)

Lv2 = Moderate (AOE)

Lv3 = High (AOE, Absorb Bullets)

Speed Moderate
Bomb High damage but planes low Durability.


The American Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a presence in every major Theather of Operations in WWII. It was made famous in the Pacific Theater of Operations, especially during the Battle of Midway (the setting of Capcom's shooter 1943, in which you also pilot a P-38).

Like the last game, P-38 lighting is notable for its Balanced power and speed making it best for beginner. Its Main weapon is great and its Sub weapon shoot homing missiles making it an effective crowd control. However, this plane have some new tweak from its last game. Its powerful bomb is switch to a Supershot. Its Supershot is not strong until its reach to level 3. Its Level 3 Supershot is a powerful bomb that inflicts heavy damage to all enemies as well as absorbing their bullets!

Its bomb is summoning 5 planes attacking simutaneously in front dealing considerable damage and act as a front shield fro the player. However, these planes cannot take too much hit and it protect you in the front however.

F-5U Flying PancakeEdit

Portrait Flying Pancake


Main Weapon damage

Sub Weapon (Homing laser) damage

Weak (Homing effect)

(Piercing effect)

Supershot (Laser) damage

Lv1 = Moderate (Piercing effect)

Lv2 = Moderate (Piercing effect)

Lv3 = High (Piercing effect, Abosrb Bullets)

Speed Fast
Bomb Considerable damage, Good Durability.


The American Vought F-5U Flying Pancake was designed to be a fighter plane capable of remaining in flight at very low air speeds. These airplanes never got past the prototype stage and never was involved in any combat. That's right! The F-5U is a real plane, as weird as it looks!

The Flying Pancake is one of the best planes in the game. It is faster than any other planes and its auto aim Piercing laser sub weapon make this planes the master of crowd control. Its Supershot is powerful due to its piercing effect but isn't powerful unless its reaches level 3. Its Level 3 Supershot is a powerful beam cannon (Kamehamehaaaaa!!!) that can vaporise all bullets and enemies but deal rather high damage to target making it extremely powerful. The downside is that Flying Pancake is the weakest plane in terms of damage.

Its Bomb attack consists of two Northrop B-35 Flying Wings shooting at enemies and providing you with temporary shielding.

Focke-Wulf Ta152Edit



Main Weapon damage

Sub Weapon (Anti Tank Rockets) damage

Moderate (AOE)

Supershot (Plasma mine) damage

Lv1 =  Low ( Small Plasma ) ( Duration = Short )

Lv2 = Low ( Medium Plasma ) ( Duration = Moderate )

Lv3 = High ( Huge Plasma Mine ) ( Duration = Long )

Speed Moderate
Bomb High Damage. Indestructable.


The German Focke-Wulf Ta152 was developed for the Luftwaffe as an answer to the Americans' high-altitude bombers, like the Boeing B-17 Superfortress.

Focke-Wulf Ta152 is a unique plane in the game. It is the best in term of support rather than combat. Focke-Wulf Ta152 deal considerable damage and its sub weapon deal splash damage as well. However, its Supershot is AWESOME. It releases a plasma mine which eat bullets, creating a shield for the player and its friend especially against bosses where bullet is scattered like crazy. Its Level 3 last longer, more bigger and deals more damage making it the best when facing bosses or playing with a friend.

Its Bomb attack is Crazy. It hurls a giant Missile which deal high damage to any enemy upon contact with the Missile. It is indestructable so it can create a temporary shield for 2 players.

Ki-84 HayateEdit



Main Weapon damage

Sub Weapon (Wing men planes) damage

Considerable (Deal extremely high damage when power up to max)

Supershot (Wingmen Attack Formation) damage

Lv1 =  High (One Wingmen planes)

Lv2 = Very High (Two Wingmen planes)

Lv3 = Extremely High (Four Wingmen planes)

Speed Moderate
Bomb Considerable damage, Balanced Durability


The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate is regarded as one of the best Japanese WWII fighters. It was nicknamed "Frank" by the Allies.

The Ki-84 Hayate is a strange plane. Its sub weapon spawns small wingmen planes that fight for you. These planes fly straight and attack any enemies in front of you. This weapon becomes more powerful as the planes power up, increasing the number of wingman planes spawned. This is arguably one of the most powerful planes in crowd control and tanking enemies and bosses but only when MAX power. Its Supershot spawns Wingman planes in an Attack formation. This Formation can rip through mutiple enmeies in straight lines and it is best used against stationary bosses. In Level 3, It deals an insane amount of damage.

Its Bomb attack is rather weak. It spawn a giant plane which deal considerable damage to any enemy. However, this bomb isn't useful in Bullet Hell situation sinces its size and moderate health can be taken down easily.

J7W ShindenEdit



Main Weapon damage

Sub Weapon (Heat Missile) damage

Considerable (Deal extremely high damage when power up to max)

Supershot (Samurai Sword) damage

Lv1 = High (Small Samurai Sword)

Lv2 = Very High (Medium Samurai Sword)

Lv3 = Extremely High (Large Samurai Sword)

Speed High
Bomb Considerable damage, Poor Durability

Overview Edit

The Kyushu J7W Shinden is designed but never got past the prototype stage and was abandoned as a prototype. It was believed that one of the prototypes were claimed by the U.S. Navy Technical Air Intelligence Unit

The J7W Shinden is aninteresting strange plane. It is best in termed for combat. Its sub weapon has considerable damage at the start, but soon gets more powerful as more missiles enter each level. The best part about this sub weapon spawns that it slowly pierces the enemy, dealing a lot of damage. Its Supershot is summoning a holographic version of itself and hurls it towards the enemy. Once it gets to Level 3, it's absolutely amazing, because it spawns a giant holographic-self, paired with a loop. It can destroy any boss or even down one of their forms. It can even kill an ordinary enemy with one strike in Level 1. With high speed, this plane is arguably one of the best planes in combat, no matter what level.

Its bomb summons planes bombing the area, then attacks the enemy, which can be a temporary shield. However, each plane has poor durability, but deals considerable damage.

DH98 MosquitoEdit



Main Weapon damage

Sub Weapon (Rapid-Fire Anti-Tank Rockets) damage

High (Deal extremely high damage when power up to max)

Supershot (Roll Napalm) damage

Lv1 = Moderate (Single Roll Napalm)

Lv2 = Considerable (Double Roll Napalms)

Lv3 = High (Quad Roll Napalms)

Speed Considerable
Bomb Perfect balance between damage and durability

The de Havilland DH98 Mosquito has a wide spectrum of roles. It was one of few operational front-line aircraft of the era constructed almost entirely of wood and was nicknamed The Wooden Wonder.

The DH98 Mosquito is capable of any role, from support and defense to combat. Its sub weapon deals high damage and fires rapidly, but deals extremely high damage and more missiles when it is MAX. Its Supershot deals Moderate damage at Level 1, but high damage at Level 3. It fires roll napalms that travels continuously forward while ripping through the enemy, with a bit of a zig-zag pattern. It adds one more napalm at Level 2 and two more napalms the Level 3. It is also one of the best planes in multirole only when it is MAX. Don't get your hopes high. It has considerable speed, so it's not really fast.

Its Bomb summons DH98 Mosquitos bombing the area and attacking the enemy, similar to the J7W Shinden's bomb. But the difference between them is that this bomb has a perfect balance between damage and durability.

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