The title screen for Strikers 1945 II.

Strikers 1945 II is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up released in 1997 by Japanese company Psikyo. This game was also ported to the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. An Android and iOS port was also released.



Continuing where the last game ended, the forces of CANY had been demolished by the previous Strikers' line-up. However, a small group known as the FGR stole the sources and technology responsible for the last events and planned to continue CANYs work by initiating world-warfare with massive mech technology. Once again, the Strikers are called into action.


The player chooses one of 6 WWII-era fighter craft and shoots through eight stages (the first four levels are randomly chosen, and the last four remain the same each play). Once the game is beaten, a report showing how well the player did is displayed, and the game 'loops' with the difficulty much higher. Each game (on default settings) begins with three lives, and an extend is earned at 600,000. When all lives are lost, the option to continue is given but the score is reset. On levels 5 and higher in the console ports however, the stage restarts from the beginning if the player loses all of his/her lives. In the Android version, the score is carried on; however, the player must pay gold coins or rubies for each subsequent continues.

Continue Payment
1st 2000 gold coins
2nd 5000 gold coins
3rd 50 rubies
4th 100 rubies


In the Android version, only the Lightning and the Shinden are available by default. Every other plane costs 400 rubies to unlock, and opting for a random choice costs 1000 gold coins.


Each plane in the Strikers 1945 series has three attacks:

Normal shot (Tap the A button): A spray of bullets that can be strengthened by collecting power-ups. In the Android version, this is done automatically.

Charge shot (Hold the A button until a sound is heard, then release): An attack that varies for each ship and is based upon a charge meter. The meter is composed of four levels ranging from empty to Level 3. The more the meter is filled, the greater the potency of the attack. In the Android version, this is done upon tapping the charge shot button.

Bomb (Press the B button): An attack that varies for each ship, the bomb calls support craft to aid the player. They help block enemy bullets and also give support fire. In the Android version, this is done by tapping the bomb button, and any subsequent bombs when out of free bombs will cost you 300 gold coins, 500 gold coins, and 5 rubies, respectively.



Power-ups are released by shooting certain enemies in Strikers 1945 II, mainly red ones. When a power-up is collected, the player's normal shot becomes more powerful and a secondary shot (such as homing missiles) may become available. Up to four power-ups can be collected, any after that are worth 4000 points. It is possible to power-down at any time by colliding with any enemy craft.


At the beginning of the game, the player has a stock of two bombs. By destroying certain enemy craft, usually larger ones, a bomb icon will be released and bounce around the screen. When collected, another bomb will be added to the player's stock. A total of nine can be collected, any other icons will reward the player with 10000 points.

Gold barsEdit

Gold bars can be found by destroying certain buildings or enemies and are collected for points. Each bar flashes white for short span of time, and if the player collects the bar while it is flashing it is worth more points. Points range from 200, 500, 1000, and 2000.

Stages and BossesEdit

Like it's predecessor, Strikers 1945, the first 4 stages are in random order, whereas stages 5-8 are in proper order.

Stage 1 to 4 (random):
-N68.8, W57.9 (North Pacific Ocean): The Arctic
Boss: Graf Zeppelin (Aircraft carrier/skull face robot)

-N31.5, E128.9 (East China Sea): Sea of Clouds
Boss: Syumi Type-0 (Flying boat/flying Cyclops robot)

-N44.9, E6.2 (France): Old Town
Boss: Iron Casket (Airship/flying emperor robot)

-N36.3, W112.5 (United States of America): Grand Canyon, Arizona
Boss: Gliath (Armored train/desert robot)

Stage 5: S22.4, E18.3 (Namibia): Village
Boss: Rommel (Turret fortress/scorpion robot)

Stage 6: S7.5, W62.4 (Brazil): Dam
Boss: Cross Sinker (Submarine/water robot)

Stage 7: S7.5, W62.4 (Brazil): C.A.N.Y. Industrial Site
Boss: Block-Ade (Backpack robot)

Stage 8: S7.5, W62.4 (Brazil): F.G.R. Headquarters
Boss: F.G.R. (Mechanical tentacle alien/mechanical insectoid alien/biological armed alien/base's core)


  • Agetec released Strikers 1945 II for the PlayStation in the US under the title Strikers 1945.
  • The Stage 5 boss "Rommel" was named after Erwin Rommel, a WWII German Senior officer.
  • Some of the playable aircraft from the first game made there appearances in this game such as the Mustang as a Lightning' support aircraft and a Zero fighter which appears as enemies before it return in Strikers 1945 Plus.

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