Spike arm hovercraft

Spike Arm's first form

Spike arm water strider

Spike Arm's true form

The Stealth Amphibious Assault Ship Spike Arm is the offshore defensive platform boss from Strikers 1945 III.

In Battle Edit

Spike Arm appears as a hovercraft form with multiple turrets. He can sail around to battle the player while summoning amphibious tanks and mines to help him. When you defeat this form, he will transform into a water strider. Watch out for the bullets and then he reveals the blue orb. When the blue orb disappears, he continues to battle with the player. He then fires bullets from the his body and then more bullets will appear. First, you will try to avoid the bullets when damaging Spike Arm. When you defeated Spike Arm, he explodes and you earn money or rubies.

You can also destroy Spike Arm's legs for more points.

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