Shadow Blinder

Shadow Blinder in the results screen

The Dimension Diving Battleship Shadow Blinder is a ladybug mech who works for Chaos Queen, but it's not possible to keep everyone when have a some that knowing that is damn and so much creep that is the harder boss and enemies are harder when one tries to shoot instant cheap damn lasers at player. So, it is a king of minions and is still a ladybug mech. He tries to make the player hopping mad. So, it is a perfect way to lie him but he still lied to player.

Appearance in Strikers 1945 III Edit

It is the boss of the seventh level. He tries to shoot very nasty attacks that can damage player, but it's HARMFUL to him.

"This boss has some very nasty attacks. Except to encounter blizzards of bullets being thrown at you at every chance! Many of Shadow Blinder's attacks can be avoided by Bullet Hoarding. The boss tends to get pissed off with you if you move around far too much, so keep your movements small. Most importantly, keep an eye out for the support fighters. They are there to throw your technique off."