SR-71 Blackbird is an aircraft that appears in Strikers 1945 III. They are only encountered in stage 5 as enemies that fires at the player aircraft.


The SR-71 served with the U.S. Air Force from 1964 to 1998. A total of 32 aircraft were built; 12 were lost in accidents and none lost to enemy action. The SR-71 has been given several nicknames, including Blackbird and Habu. It has held the world record for the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft since 1976; this record was previously held by the related Lockheed YF-12.


  • This aircraft is based on SR-71 Blackbird which was manufactured by Lockheed Martin. In real-life, the SR-71 is a reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Said aircraft also appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as the vehicle mode for Decepticon-turned-Autobot Jetfire.
  • The SR-71 has also appeared in the USA stage of Aero fighters 2.

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