Fortress Rommel

The Fortress Rommel as it appears in the stage transition screen

The Fortress Rommel is the boss on the fifth stage of Strikers 1945 II and Strikers 1945 Plus. It is a giant defense turret by the time it is attacked by the Strikers.


The Rommel simply consists of three defensive turrets that prevent the Strikers from trespassing Namibia. One main turret that moves back and forth and two more turrets that move along a rail system and act like bullet throwers. It also has smaller turrets in front that appear concealed before the Strikers arrive.

When the Rommel's main turret takes enough damage, it reveals itself to be a desert scorpion tank. It has two pincers that can also shoot bullets toward the Strikers as its moves backwards with its six legs. It can also shoot bullets from its main body turret, as well as its stinger.



  • Rommel was named after Erwin Rommel, a WWII German Senior officer. The second form's "stinger" is an 88mm FlaK, possibly in reference to Rommel's fondness for using these heavy divisional guns as anti-tank weapons.
  • Rommel's robot form in Strikers 1945 Plus, for some reasons, is black as opposed to yellow.