The Shinden in the arcade version of Strikers 1945 II

The J7W Shinden is one of the planes that appear in Strikers 1945 and its sequel.

In Strikers 1945 II, the Shinden has the most powerful Supershot attack, the Samurai Sword. It generates and throws a plasma copy of itself forward. This attack can destroy any enemy and even half-dead bosses instantly! Its only downside is that it covers an extremely small area, clearing only the bullets in front of the Shinden unless it is at Level 3 where it covers nearly half of the screen.


  • Sub Weapon: Giant Rocket Missile (Strikers 1945), Heat Missile (Strikers 1945 II)
  • Formation Attack: Assault Formation (Strikers 1945)
  • Super Shot: Samurai Sword Type-98 (Strikers 1945 II)
  • Bomb: True Samurai Sword (Strikers 1945), Ryusei-kai Sweep Bombers (Strikers 1945 II)


  • Max power: 2030 HP
  • Wingspan: 1111.4 cm
  • Length: 976 cm
  • Height: 392 cm
  • Weight: 4950 kg
  • Top speed: 750 km/h
  • Armament: 30 mm x 4

Extra InformationEdit

  • Pilot: Ayin
  • First Appearance: Samurai Aces



  • In Strikers 1945 Plus, the Shinden is replaced by the XP-55 Ascender.
  • In the first game, the pilot of this aircraft is Ayin, one of the characters from Samurai Aces, and a guest character in Gunbird 2, both games also by Psikyo.
    • Coincidentally, both Ayin and the Shinden appear as playable fighters in Strikers 1945 World War, an original game made for the Android also featuring characters from Sengoku Blade.
  • In the Android version of Strikers 1945 II, this aircraft is also available from the start along with the P-38 Lightning.
  • In the Android version of Strikers 1945, this aircraft starts with its main shot at level 2 and 3 bombs, but will be locked for 2 hours starting with the moment it was selected, along with the P-51 Mustang, Spitfire Mk. VII, Messerschmitt Bf-109, and Zero Fighter.
  • The single-player ending illustrations for the Shinden in Strikers 1945 II show the plane leaving the volcano for the moon to face the remaining crab mecha. This is a callback to the original Strikers 1945 where the crab mecha in question are CANY's creations and thus a part of CANY's forces.