Iron Casket (First Form)

Iron Casket's first form

Iron Casket (Robot Form)

Iron Casket's true form

The Battle Air Ship Iron Casket is a blimp that transforms into a flying emperor robot with the Greek letter omega for its motif.

Strikers 1945 II Edit

Iron Casket is the boss of the France level.

Iron Casket is on land as it ascends to the sky. Then the battle begins. Iron Casket throws bullets from its small turrets and destroying them will make Iron Casket unleash its bullet throwers that, when destroyed, will also destroy its first form. When the first form is destroyed, the second form has on the work. Iron Casket has transformed into an emperor robot and then throws bullets from all over its body while moving around with help from helicopter-like propellers on its shoulders. It will then try to tackle you from the top of the screen and unleash more bullets from the opening of its "crown" before going around to unleash bigger bullets. When you destroyed Iron Casket, you will clear the stage and earn the coins, point or ruby.

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