"So, you want a harder boss? There is it!! Your perfect nightmare, Geo-Bite!!
-Geo-Bite, Super Strikers

Geo-Bite is a mosquito camouflaged as a real satellite. He must have worked for Rommel three times and more. Geo-Bite is more difficult than Cross Blade and "who of him" will work better. He has more nasty attacks. Cross Blade seems to be better than Geo-Bite, but he was aggressive to Cross Blade and unfortunately attacking him to be slowest ship in the world.

Strikers 1945 III Edit

Geo-Bite is a boss of the sixth level (Low Earth Orbit Space Station).

Geo-Bite appeared as a camouflage of a real satellite. He first throws so many bullets of that being thrown off of the boss fight. Then, he reveals a blue orb. The guns are blazing and you can't rest out of this. Then when you get a tehcnical bonus, his laser-killer is charging. When you defeat him, you will get to a next level.

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