Geo-Bite in the results screen

The Heavy Attack Satellite Geo-Bite is one of two sixth bosses in Strikers 1945 III, alongside Cross Blade.


Geo-Bite is a mosquito camouflaged as a real satellite. He must have worked for Rommel three times and more. Geo-Bite is more difficult than Cross Blade and "who of him" will work better. He has more nasty attacks. Cross Blade seems to be better than Geo-Bite, but he was aggressive to Cross Blade and unfortunately attacking him to be slowest ship in the world.

Strikers 1945 III Edit

Geo-Bite is a boss of the sixth level (Low Earth Orbit Space Station).

Geo-Bite appeared as a camouflage of a real satellite. He first throws so many bullets of that being thrown off of the boss fight. He will then continue by shooting random lasers from each of his arms. He then reveals the blue orb while firing bullets in a pinwheel formation. When you defeat him, you will get to the next level.