Garam Masala

A silhouette of Garam Masala as it appears in the stage transition screen

The UFO Robo Garam Masala (whose name is listed as "?" or unknown/unidentified in the stage transition screen) is the sixth stage boss of Strikers 1945. It appears as an armed UFO waiting at the Earth's stratosphere to attack the Strikers while preventing them from going to CANY's base at the moon. The boss moves around in the screen firing bullets from its center and the sides. After taking enough damage, the boss will transform into a robot with side cannons. The boss will fire medium straight bullets from its white cannons, small 3-spread bullets from its red cannons and large targeted bullets from its black cannons. It also releases four drones that fires bullets around the screen. After taking enough damage to the body or destroying the side cannons, the head will explode and it reveals a robotic eye that watch the Strikers in the screen and releasing a number of bullets. The boss will also launch a red projectile that explodes into a circle of bullets in the middle of the screen.