The F.G.R. as it appears in the stage transition screen

The Organic Weapon F.G.R. (its name and type stated as ?????, or unknown/unidentified in the stage transition screen) is the final boss of Strikers 1945 II and Strikers 1945 Plus, appearing in the eighth stage.


The F.G.R. is the alien which seeks to starts off another great war by using technology recovered from the CANY to build up the numerous engines of destruction fought by the Strikers. It lies in wait on a volcano protected by the best cadre of its minions. It is from this alien that the F.G.R. organization takes its name from.

Initially the F.G.R. assumes the appearance of what seemingly the base's main core. Once the Strikers came there, it reveals itself as a large mobile brain with many tentacles and a pair of dormant mandibles that happily dispenses widespreading bullets on invaders through its bullet launchers and core. When taking enough damage, it releases its outer mechanical carapace to reveal an inner one, which only capable of releasing bullets from its core but it can now use its mandibles to masticate the Strikers, sending out a hail of bullets in the process. When the mechanical body is destroyed, it reveals its true form as a gigantic purple-skinned alien with four arms, two of which are on where its mechanical body's mandibles used to be, capable of releasing bullets from its arms and core at a furious rate. When even this body is destroyed, its core survives and moves around frantically, releasing bullets at an unpredictable pattern and vicious rate in a desperate attempt to survive. Once the core is finally destroyed, it plummets down on the lava below to its demise, ending the alien threat once and for all...

...Or does it?



  • In the Android version, after its demise, the F.G.R. falls into what appears to be a pitch black pit because the battle takes place inside a bottomless pit rather than the center of a volcano.
    • Either that, or the lava in the Android version is censored and replaced with a black screen.