F4 phantom

F4 Phantom II.

The F-4 Phantom II is a 1990's fighter that appears in Strikers 1945 III as a selectable fighter.

It is the spiritual successor of Shinden. From having the same bomb, to the same charge shot, it plays almost exactly like Shinden from the first game. It is pretty cool how its modern counterpart is so much like the original.

In the game, the Phantom possesses a powerful Subweapon and Supershot. The Roll Napalm can be rapidly fired by going in close to an enemy, resulting in massive damage. Its Supershot is second to the F-117's in power. It uses the Samurai Sword attack that the Shinden used in the first two Strikers 1945 games. It's also been used in another Psikyo shooter called Sengoku Ace. It is a strange game where you can choose from a Shinden, an FS-X, and a giant bird rider (!). The Samurai Sword has even been parodied in Aero Fighters 3! The Samurai Sword is deadly powerful when you activate it while overlapping an enemy. It instantly kills any enemy you overlap, mid-size or otherwise. It can even instantly kill mid-ranked bosses if you overlap the Samurai Sword on them just right!


The F-4 Phantom II in action taking down a slew of fighter craft.

Its two big disadvantages are its main guns are very weak, and the Samurai Sword attack clears away only a narrow swath in front of your fighter. It is only good as an offensive weapon rather than a purely defensive weapon. You are invincible for a while after activating the Samurai Sword, but the invincibility only lasts for the duration of the plane's loop.


  • In the Android version, F-4 Phantom II can be unlocked by claiming the Daily Bonus 15 times.
  • By Activating Caoss Napalm and Samurai Sword '99.

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