The F-117 Nighthawk (named the F-117 Stealth in the game) is a first-generation aircraft of stealth bomber that appears in Strikers 1945 III as a playable fighter. In Strikers 1945 III, the Nighthawk is a very powerful fighter. It has the most powerful subweapon of all planes. Its Supershot can destroy almost anything in a matter of seconds, including bosses, even at Level 1! It has three big disadvantages. The Nighthawk is a very slow fighter. Also, Nighthawk is most effective when you attack very close so that the Subweapon can rapid fire. Its main weapon is weak on its own. Finally, its Supershot is next to useless unless you get dangerously close to your desired target, as the Supershot launches only a small distance in front of the Nighthawk.


  • In the Android version, F-117 Nighthawk can be unlocked by sharing the game once on Facebook.
  • By Activating Sonic Wave and Thunderbolt.
  • The F-117 is sightly similar to the one from Sonic Wings/Aero Fighters 2 and special.

F-117 Nighthawk.

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