Cross Blade

Cross Blade in the results screen

The Heavy Attack Satellite Cross Blade is one of two sixth bosses in Strikers 1945 III, alongside Geo-Bite.


Cross Blade is the brother of Geo-Bite and he is a real satellite. His experience contains one-laser brother that he was named Cross Blade. That he was a better boss and contains little amount of bullets, and he gets revenge to Geo-Bite prevent to be the slowest ship in the world. He was vanished and out of army, that Geo-Bite knows where is it. He is smarter than Chaos Queen. He must know easier things that he can't do like: laser or big bullets.

Strikers 1945 III Edit

Cross Blade appears as a real satellite. He throws bullets onto the player and then you destroy his armor cage. He and his partner appears as two houseflies and attack the players. When you destroy his housefly, his eyes will turn red and he will attack the player. He reveals blue orb and fires concentric spirals of fast bullets like fireballs. When you defeat him you go to the next level (like Geo-Bite's previous end).