Chaos Queen (Result)

Chaos Queen in the results screen

The Unidentified Life Form Chaos Queen is a wasp serving as the mastermind behind the Nanobot invasion and infection on Earth. She serves as the final boss of Strikers 1945 III.

She starts off as a pupa that can fire bullets from what appears to be an invisible force field. Destroying this pupa will unleash Chaos Queen's true form: a mutant alien wasp. Her first attack includes firing bullets from its mouth and arms before swiping more bullets from her arms. Destroying this form will make her molt into a more grotesque mutant wasp with the core in her abdomen. Her only attack in this form is firing bullets from its mouth while summoning two alien eggs that also fire bullets. Destroying this form will leave her as the base's core that fire large bullets that hone in on players, then those that spread uncontrollably when it expands. Destroying this form will also complete the game and end the nanite threat once and for all.