The Block-Ade is the boss on the seventh stage of Strikers 1945 II.


In the stage's transition screen, the Block-Ade's type is stated as ?????, or unknown. When encountered by the Strikers, it initially presents itself as a giant mechanical claw carrying a large canister at first that will start attacking once the canister is moved away or destroyed. The Block-Ade is well-armed for an industrial device, however – it possesses bullet launchers capable of firing in a widespread pattern around its two arms.

Upon destruction, it is revealed that the Block-Ade is not mere an industrial tool – its "core" will be extracted and used to assemble a giant mecha that appears to look like a stormtrooper with a large backpack and a giant shotgun. It attacks by firing its shotgun in a spreading pattern, launching a volley of bullets from its backpack, launching mines that releases bullets around it, and fires off a pair of laser beams from its shoulders.

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