AV-8 Harrier

The Harrier jet was designed by the British for the Americans. It is a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft, requiring no runway to become airborne. This jet is used primarily by the US Navy.

It is the powerhouse of the bunch, and clearly the spiritual successor of The Mosquito. It shoots destructive missiles, the Hayate's options for a charge shot, and burns the place up with its supportive carpet bombing.

In the game, the Harrier jet has rapid firing capabilities. Its attack is quite strong as well. Its supershot is very helpful, as its wingmen seek out and destroy enemies. Its two downsides are that it is quite slow and its bomb attack has a significant delay before deploying.


  • In the Android version, AV-8 Harrier can be unlocked by collecting 3000 medals.
  • By Activating Hunter Formation and B-52 Carpet Bombing.
  • The AV-8 has also appeared in Sonic Wings/Aero Fighters 1,2,and limited . unlike it's apperance in 1999,the Harrier shoots spread.

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