The A9/A10 is a ballistic missile that appears in Strikers 1945 II and Strikers 1945 Plus as the Focke-Wulf Ta152's support attack.


The Aggregat series was a set of ballistic missile designs developed in 1933–45 by a research program of Nazi Germany's army (Wehrmacht).

It was proposed to use an advanced version of the A9 to attack targets on the US mainland from launch sites in Europe, for which it would need to be launched atop a booster stage, the A10.

Design work on the A10 began in 1940, for a projected first flight to take place in 1946. The initial design was carried out by Ludwig Roth und Graupe and was completed on 29 June 1940. Hermann Oberth worked on the design during 1941, and in December 1941 Walter Thiel proposed that the A10 use an engine composed of six bundled A4 engines, which it was thought would give a total thrust of 180 tonnes.



  • This is the only support attack in the Strikers 1945 series that is not an aircraft, rather being a ballistic missile.