A6M Zero

A6M Zero Fighter Type 52 top view.

The A6M Zero Fighter (Type 52) is a plane appearing in Strikers 1945 and Strikers 1945 Plus.

One of the two Japanese planes (alongside the Shinden). Zero's options are very powerful, lobbing grenades and homing in on enemies when charged. Its bomb is bizarre and reminiscent of the bomb in 1943. A storm is called in, blasting all enemies on screen with lightning. It is surprisingly powerful, and possibly a reference to the Divine Wind, or Kamikaze legend. Zero is actually a great plane for beginners, due to its combination of power, speed, and homing.

In Strikers 1945 II, the Zero appears as enemies in various levels.

In Strikers 1945 PLUS, the Zero is a very slow plane. It has very powerful weaponry to make up for that, though. Its Supershot is the most powerful of all the planes.


  • Zero Fighter Type 52 appears in Kantai Collection as the Northern Princess's treasured plane, though it was claimed to have been stolen from Ryujo.
    • One of the Northern Princess's lines has her desiring the Zero.
    • The Zero Fighter has also been playable in 1944 The loop master and Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings 3

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